Welcome to the Hands to Paws Organization. We are here to provide you with the resources to make a positive change in your community and in the lives of our animals.

June 5th: Eat Wings! Raise Funds for Hands to Paws!
June 5th, 2017 is Eat Wings. Raise Funds Day for Hands to Paws Rescue at Buffalo Wild Wings. They have
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Chico is a sweet chihuahua mix estimated to be four years. His family surrendered him upon  being evicted from their
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This adorable, gray/white pit mix dog just recently took his freedom ride from AAS . Gregor, was loved by the
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Nora is a European beauty…born in Italy…she possesses the warm and welcoming nature of the Italian culture. She is 28
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Dogs Are People Too
Some people preach against anthropomorphizing dogs. They aren’t people. They don’t have the same feelings and motivations that people do.
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Simon is a very sweet, special, Border Collie/Lab mix that has left big paw prints on our hearts. He was
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