Simon is a very sweet, special, Border Collie/Lab mix that has left big paw prints on our hearts. He was rescued, along with his mama Mickey and papa Marty, from a man named Jack in Blythe, Georgia. They were all kept in tiny, outside kennels in the sand and the only interaction came from Jack – it was a very lonely and isolating existence and heartbreaking to watch. We saw this special boy’s potential and knew we had to get him out of this environment, the sooner the better. He was covered in fleas and suffered from a skin allergy, probably from constantly laying in the sand. He was very withdrawn and shut down, from a combination of being separated from his papa Marty, who he looks up to and was in a separate kennel, and having no real love or attention.
Hands to Paws was able to get him, Marty, and Mickey vetted, vaccinated, and neutered at All God’s Creatures in Augusta, Georgia, and from there into the Ark animal rescue in North Augusta, South Carolina. Fortunately he’s able to be in a room with his mama and papa, which helps him come out of his shell. We have seen him reach out in his own way and he’s very lovable, although still extremely fearful and shy.
Simon is heartworm negative and about one to two years old. He needs a home with someone that has the compassion, understanding, and patience to give him and help him work through his anxiety and fear of people, loud noises, etc. He has made progress and just needs help with breaking through these barriers. He is very fond of Morgan, the caretaker at the Ark, who says she has seen good progress with him.  Simon loves treats and will eagerly take them out of our hands, and shows excitement when we come to visit. These are all good signs showing that the love and attention that he’s getting now is having a positive impact. Please consider giving this special boy a home where he can continue to blossom and become the dog he’s meant to be!

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