Hope is a sweet older girl rescued from Clarks Hill Lake, McCormick SC. She had evidently had puppies, but none could be found. A kind woman  had been driving to a secluded area where Hope would appear to be fed. The woman called out for help fearing that Hope would not make it. She was rescued, found to be heartworm positive. She has been spayed and treated for heartworms. Her foster family adopted her. Hope had a wonderful home for over 6 months, but a sudden death in the family sent her back to us. Please consider making Hope a permanent part of your family. She is very loyal and loving. She is not much of a barker. She just wants to lie on the floor near you.


2 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Anne says:

    Is Hope good with other dogs? I have a 4 yr old neutered cocker beagle mix and would like to consider fostering/adopting if no one wants to adopt. I can’t let that sweet girl spend her golden years without a family.

    • HandsToPaws says:

      Hey Anne,
      Hope is good with most dogs. We can do meet and greet. I am a dog trainer. I am very careful and particular about how dogs meet each other. Would gladly get something scheduled. Email me… elliskk@comcast.net or call 706-267-5522. Kathy

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