Forever-Home Ready

Joanie is officially our adoptable for the month of May! Her two different colored eyes are enchanting! Joanie is a Read more.
  Bella is estimated to be about two years of age. She was rescued from dumpsters in rural Georgia.   Read more.
Sonny is a two year old  Staffy Bull Terrier mix. He is vetted and currently being treated for HW.   Read more.
Chico is a sweet chihuahua mix estimated to be four years. His family surrendered him upon  being evicted from their Read more.
This adorable, gray/white pit mix dog just recently took his freedom ride from AAS . Gregor, was loved by the Read more.
Nora is a European beauty…born in Italy…she possesses the warm and welcoming nature of the Italian culture. She is 28 Read more.
Simon is a very sweet, special, Border Collie/Lab mix that has left big paw prints on our hearts. He was Read more.
Hope is a sweet older girl rescued from Clarks Hill Lake, McCormick SC. She had evidently had puppies, but none Read more.
Mickey is so ready for her new home! Until she was rescued by SOS she spent her days in the Read more.
Jules was rescued a few months ago from a dumpster in Burke County, Georgia by Suzann Hooper – she was Read more.
Marty was rescued in March from an animal hoarder named Jack in Blythe, Georgia who kept him, along with several Read more.

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